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"We Can Change The World"
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Episode Summary: As he effortlessly attacks the team, Adachi says that the television and real worlds will soon combine, as seen by a dark matter gradually descending to the ground. Once all of humanity becomes Shadows, they will have no emotions and will act only on raw instinct. The group takes out the Reapers one by one, while also expressing their distaste in Adachi's plans. As Adachi makes his last stand against Yu, Yu takes him out, destroying his Persona. Realizing his defeat, Adachi decides to shoot himself, but the dark matter in the sky picks him up and says that it will rule over the new world. The dark matter calls himself Ameno-sagiri, a being that controls the fog that covers both worlds and has been awoken by human desires as it attacks them. Ameno-sagiri is merging the worlds so that the humans will no longer differentiate between reality and fantasy. In fact, the team's ability to face their Shadows to in order to obtain Personas has only been a means for its plans to proceed, as the television world only shows what people want to see and hear. Ameno-sagiri raises Yu up to test whether or not his bonds are strong and genuine, and extract them from his body. As all of his friends call out to him, each of their Personas miraculously evolve into more powerful Personas. With the powers of Yosuke's Susano-o, Chie's Suzuka Gongen, Yukiko's Amaterasu, Kanji's Take-Jizaiten, Teddie's Kamui, Rise's Kanzeon, and Naoto's Yamato-Takeru combined, Yu summons the Persona named Lucifer to finish off Ameno-sagiri, who before disappearing, realizes that the group has proven beyond the capabilities of human desires. The group finds Adachi and takes him with them to have him pay for his crimes. In the real world, Nanako wakes up, telling Dojima that she had a dream that Yu and his friends saved everyone. Months later, everyone celebrates Nanako's full recovery at Dojima's house. Yu is later seen off by everyone else on his trip back to Tokyo, and after a heartfelt goodbye, Yu boards the train and heads home. In the Velvet Room, Igor remarks on the amazing journey their guest has had, and reveals a crystal that has formed from the power he has gained, shining as it shows the way to truth. Margaret remarks on the bonds the guest has made while seeking out the truth, and hopes he will continue in the future.

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