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"We are friends, aren't we?"

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Episode Summary: April 16th. Chie grows concerned when she supposedly sees Yukiko on the Midnight Channel the previous night, as Yukiko herself is not present at school; Chie later learns (to her relief) that Yukiko was stuck helping out at the Amagi Inn during school. After confirming with Teddie at the TV set in Junes, they decide to check tonight's Midnight Channel. That night, both Yu and Yosuke are both startled to see Yukiko on the Midnight Channel, where she is the host of the unscripted "Princess Yukiko's Hunt for Her Prince on a White Horse; meanwhile, Chie goes to the Amagi Inn to find that Yukiko has gone missing. The next day (4/17), Yosuke brings (fake) swords to use in the Midnight Channel; however, he and Yu get arrested for Yosuke's mistake. Chie sees the police cruiser with the two inside and goes after them. Yu and Yosuke, luckily, are cleared at the police station, where Chie informs the two about Yukiko's disappearance. The trio venture into the Midnight Channel again to search for Yukiko. As Chie goes on ahead and learns of Yukiko's feelings, she is confronted by her "Other Self", who represents her jealousy and envy concerning Yukiko. Chie screams that the "Other Self" isn't her, causing the Shadow Chie to transform into a dominatrix with black hair, held aloft by three struggling student-shaped puppets. During the battle, Yu and Yosuke remind Chie that it's her friendship with Yukiko that matters; however, Shadow Chie isn't ready to "be accepted", and tries to eliminate Yu and Yosuke. With the his Wild Card ability (an ability bestowed to those "Chosen", according to Margaret), Yu gains a new Persona, Pyro Jack of the Magician Arcana, with which they manage to defeat Chie's Shadow, who becomes her Persona, Tomoe of the Chariot Arcana. Although they are unable to find Yukiko, they vow to rescue her before the next foggy night. As thanks for saving her, Chie shows Yu a picture of her dog, which helped introduce her to Yukiko, starting the Chariot Social Link.

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