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Episode Summary: April 18th. Yu and the others return to the Midnight Channel to resume their search for Yukiko, though only comes across her Shadow Self (who is still on her "search for her Prince"). She runs off, and the group is assaulted by several Shadows. Meanwhile, the real Yukiko, in the dungeon's throne room, comes across an empty birdcage, causing her to recalling how she looked after an abandoned bird which flew away one day, leaving her to feel that Chie wouldn't be able to free her from her life as an innkeeper—the feelings of her Shadow Self. Suddenly, Yukiko's Shadow appears in the throne, shocking Yukiko. When Yu and the others arrive on the top floor, Shadow Yukiko says that "three Princes" have arrived and asks them to take her away from Inaba. When Chie wonders aloud if she's the third Prince, the Shadow confirms this, but tells her, "Chie, you're a strong magnificent Prince. ...Or you were." With that, Shadow Yukiko tries to kill Chie by sending a large chandelier down on her; she is saved when Yu summons another new Persona, Ara Mitama of the Chariot Arcana, in the nick of time. The furniture attacks the group: the chandelier crushes Jiraiya against the wall; the carpet wraps around Chie, Tomoe, and Teddie; and the chandelier candles cover Yu and Yosuke's legs with quick-drying candle wax, holding them in place. Shadow Yukiko transforms into a fire-manipulating lovebird, which sets the battlefield on fire, and traps the real Yukiko in the empty birdcage. Everyone manages to break free of their restraints; Yu is forced to switch to Pyro Jack, using its fire-absorbing ability, to even the odds. Chie confesses her jealousy towards Yukiko and gives her the strength to break from her own chains, allowing the others to defeat the Shadow. After the battle, Yukiko accepts her Shadow as part of herself, which becomes Yukiko's Persona, Konohana-Sakuya of the Priestess Arcana. Teddie later gives Yukiko a pair of goofy glasses, and after having Chie put them on, she busts up into one of her "laughing fits".

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