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Episode Summary: April 19th. While waiting for Yukiko to recover, Chie gets Yu to help out with the basketball club. Yu meets Kou Ichijo, one of the team's players; and Daisuke Nagase of the soccer club. This meeting starts the Strength S. Link, and grabs the attention of the basketball manager, Ai Ebihara. After Ai has Yu cut school to go on a shopping spree (9/20), she says that she has taken a liking to him, starting the Moon Social Link. The next day (9/21), Ai reveals that she has a crush on Kou, and has Yu ask him what his type is; he does, only to learn that Kou has a crush on Chie. Depressed about this news, Ai attempts to commit suicide by jumping off the school roof. Yu stops her, and after some consolation, he learns that Ai was once a "stinky fatso" and constantly teased, driving her to slim down and become trendy. Ai then asks Yu to be her boyfriend until he finds someone else; otherwise, she'd jump off the roof. Starting the next day (4/22), Ai begins forcing him to hang out with her, say "I love you", etc., much to Yu's dismay. Believing Chie might be jealous of Yu, Yosuke sets her up to become a temp manager for the basketball team (4/26). Yu later learns that Kou is going to quit the team after the next game, and asks Yu to help him win. On the day of the game (4/29), Ai's jealousy of Chie—that is, of Kou's crush on Chie and Yu's simultaneous friendship—leads to a slapfight during the basketball game, in which Kou's team loses to the rival school. After the game, Kou tells the others that the outcome has changed his mind about quitting. Ai decides to call off her "thing" with Yu and work hard to become a good manager. The next day (4/30), Yukiko recovers completely and returns to school, and the group decides to resume their investigations of the murders.

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