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"I'll beat you, and beat you good"

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Episode Summary: May 1st. Yu briefly encounters Kanji Tatsumi, a notorious punk who attends his school. The next day (5/2), Nanako is saddened when her father becomes busy with work, so Yu looks after Nanako and takes her to hang out with his friends at Junes (5/3). Yosuke, Chie, and Yukiko befriend her quickly. When Chie decides to have a cook-off against Yosuke, with Nanako as a judge, they learn that Nanako's mother had died in an accident. On May 5th, Dojima is freed from work temporarily, and apologizes to Nanako for breaking the promise he made in the previous episode. As the group discusses the incidents (5/6), Yosuke suspects that the targets so far are women linked to Ms. Yamano. After a week's worth of testing (5/9~12), Yu sees a news segment about Kanji attacking the camera crew. Later, on May 15th, another rainy night, Yu watches the Midnight Channel, and is surprised to see Kanji.May 16th. Yosuke calls a meeting with the rest of the Investigation Team at Junes. They discuss how Kanji doesn't fit the criteria of the first three victims, who were all female, and doesn't seem to be connected to the first case at all. (Yukiko also mentions that she knew Kanji when they were younger.) However, when they visit Kanji's family shop, Tatsumi Textiles, they do find a link between Kanji and Ms. Yamano—a custom-made scarf Yosuke found tied in a noose on their first visit to the Midnight Channel. Upon leaving the shop, the group sees Kanji talk with the blue-haired individual they saw in the shop earlier, Naoto Shirogane. After Naoto leaves, Kanji notices the group, and scares them off. The next day after school (5/17), Yosuke and Chie attempt to trail Kanji as he meets up with Naoto Shirogane, while Yu and Yukiko stake out near Tatsumi Textiles, in order to catch the culprit. While waiting, Yu notices Yukiko's tension and advises her to "ease up." Yukiko states that she's nervous because she'd never been alone with a boy her age before. She also notes how she and Chie have fun getting along easily with Yu and Yosuke; however, she makes things more awkward, and resorts to trying to call Chie. Yu then mentions that they need everyone's cell numbers for the investigation, so he and Yukiko give each other their phone numbers to start, starting the Priestess Social Link. Meanwhile, Yosuke and Chie continue to tail Kanji and Naoto; they try to stay hidden, but Chie gives away their position to Kanji when dialing up a take-out order for two nikudon, and Kanji goes after them in a hilarious chase scene, while Naoto simply walks off. Yu and Yukiko are pursued as well, and Aika from the Aiya resturaunt arrives on an electric bike with Chie's order, much to Yosuke's disbelief. They somehow manage to lose Kanji, and the group goes home for the night, Yosuke noting that Kanji wouldn't be kidnapped that easily. However, he is proven wrong: later that night, Yu sees Kanji on the Midnight Channel again, this time as the (ridiculously) homo-erotic host of a bathhouse show.

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