Persona 4 The Animation Episode 7 English Subbed

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"Suspicious Tropical Paradise"

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Episode Summary: Yu and the others venture in the Midnight Channel, only to learn that Teddie isn't able to figure out where Kanji is, asking for something containing his scent. After paying Kanji's mother a visit, a boy who Kanji helped out appears with a phone strap he made from scratch, which Yukiko asks to borrow. On their way back to Junes, the group runs into Naoto, who explains Kanji might have some kind of complex despite his appearance. Returning to the Midnight Channel, the group follow Kanji's scent from the phone strap to a bathhouse, where they find Kanji's other self, representing his alleged repressed homosexuality. Kanji rejects this other side of him, causing it to turn into a Shadow, whose familiars are not easily handled by the others. As Yu struggles to protect Kanji from his Shadow's attacks with Izanagi and Rakshasa, Igor gives him the power to combine his two of his Personas into Yamata no Orochi to weaken the Shadow, whilst Kanji, reaffirming his love of cute things, deals the finishing blow. He does not initially accept his other self, as he proclaims he is not confused about his sexuality, but he rather has a fear of being rejected by the other boys and girls at school, which he no longer has after Yu stated he accepts his appreciation of cute things along with his tough exterior. With this revelation, he accepts his other self which becomes his Persona Take-Mikazuchi.

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