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"An Angel's Dance"

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Episode Summary: After finding those "dirty" magazines with Kazuya, Mai Sakura begins to blackmail him into doing her favours like tasting various food for her since she's on a diet, in order to keep fit for a competition. She has him explain all the flavors and she fantasies her routine to food, that she even bites him one day. However, it doesn’t help because she falters on the first part of her routine on the day of the qualifiers, but Kazuya gives her words of encouragement and she finishes it. Afterwards Kanon gets "sick" and convinces Kazuya to go to the pool in her place with Mai in order to cheer her up, since she did not qualify for the fall competition. Even though Kazuya is not oblivious he accepts and the date. Afterwards Kazuya realizes he is drawn to Mai because of her hard work ethic. He dedicates most of his time to improve his photography and help Mai diet. Eventually Mai returns the magazines to Kazuya, also putting a love letter addressed to him into them. One day after school, Kanon almost caught Kazuya and Mai in an inappropriate position in his room. After one day that Mai told Kazuya that she was chosen as an alternative for the team, he continues to help and cheer her up until one day they confess their love for each other and become a couple. In the end, they began to date each other and take pictures together.

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