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"Wife of the Academy"

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Episode Summary: As Kazuya finds it difficult to advertise the Cooking Research Society for Rina Yunoki's sake and not Rina herself, she's been giving her best to prepare food and gathering new members for the club till the day of the school festival and Kazuya decides to make a poster of her cooking. On one fall day, after Kazuya gets mistaken by the girls for the one from the Photography club who tried to sneak into the vaulting horse and beaten up in front of Rina, he is relieved after Rina cleared of the misunderstanding in front of them and when she asked Kazuya to help her find a four-leaf clover. When Rina spots Uchida, she insisted that the other one to help out with the cooking, to which to Uchida reluctantly agrees. After the cooking, Kazuya notices that the food Rina made doesn't look good on the camera, he tries to figure a way to make it look good while Rina keeps making new food, but all to no success. One day Kazuya decides to take Rina to a fun park since she's looking for a "change of pace", but on the next day Rina's little sister Erina tags along. While having lunch, Erina notices how close the 2 are, hinting that they look like newlyweds. Then Rina comes up with a new idea of cooking a "Sunflower burger" for the recruiting poster to submit to the Student Council with Kazuya helping her. On the day of the school festival, Rina along with Kanon and Nonoka cosplay in the cafe where the popular cosplayer Alice-chan arrives to help Rina. After the festival, Rina tells Kazuya that 5 freshman girls came to join the Cooking Research Society club and now the club won't be disbanded, much to Rina's joy. Then Kazuya and Rina confess their love for each other and become a couple. Afterwards, Rina begins to teach new club members new stuff.

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