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"School Heaven"

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Episode Summary: The next day, after hearing Tomoe's reasons for the other day that she is envious of Haruka in everything and thinks that sitting on Haruka's seat would make Tomoe feel like Haruka a bit which failed, Kazuya keeps his promise. After giving Nonoka his notes for the next lesson, Kazuya has two clashes with the Student Council President, Aki Muroto, where she dictates the rules of school to him and Kanon on the second occasion. After hearing him joining the Photography Club, Haruka proposes Kazuya to take pictures of her sometime and he agrees, and drags her away from his other club members, Nakagawa and Azuma, who were trying to take pictures of her from embarrassing angles. Later Kazuya hears from Mai that the Photography Club members are banned from taking pictures of the Rhythmic gymnastic club members and, to his agreement, Mai proposes to ask their club president to give special permission only to him. On the next day on the club meeting, after Kazuya's secret photo shoot with Haruka (which was her intention), Kudou announces the Miss Photogenic of the year (which is the club's tradition of shooting for the school festival) - Haruka. Later Kazuya catches Aki climbing over the wall for being late, he takes a ton of photos and promises her not to tell or show those pictures (which he later uses to blackmail her).

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    keep them coming

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    S&M test complete. he’s and S. haha. this anime is still very cheap. I’m trying my best to see through the crap and find a storyline, but I haven’t seen much of one yet.

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    Loving the series so far.

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