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"Profusion of Flowers"

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Episode Summary: After a series of accidents where Nonoka clashed into Kazuya (and sharing their first kiss) and Kazuya being pushed by Nakagawa to accidentally grope Rina Yunoki's chest in her swimsuit, Mai tells Kazuya that he received permission from the Rhythmic gymnastic club to photograph, which Uchida overhears and tells the club. Then Uchida, Nakagawa and Azuma give him some "dirty" magazines as source of inspiration for him, much to his chagrin. On the next day, after seeing Aki diving, Kazuya blackmails her into making pictures of her in her swimsuit, to which Kudou congratulates him. Later, after the photo shoot with Aki and helping Rina with her club, while on class cleaning duty with Haruka, Kazuya remembers that the Photography Club will be making embarrassing pictures of her and he tries to think of a way to sabotage their attempts over night, but falls asleep. On the next day, he manages to sabotage their attempt, rather ending it very embarrassingly. As the Photography Club not gives up on their Miss Photogenic tradition, Kazuya declares to himself that he'll protect Haruka. In the end of the day, he manages to take some pictures of Mai.

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