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"Conflict of Love"

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Episode Summary: One day, after Haruka almost fainted from anemia, Kazuya takes her to the infirmary to rest and tells Kanon to start their club activity without Haruka. After guiding her home, on next day Kazuya learns about the rumors going around school about him and Haruka, which were the same ones back in middle school. He later reminisces of the day when he accidentally hit Haruka's chest with his elbow, thus, probably damaging the functioning of her heart, which resulted him being overprotective of her and falling off from her over the years. Later Kazuya finds Haruka talking with the ace of the Soccer Club who proposes her to date each other, much to both Haruka and Kazuya's shock. After she finds Kazuya who heard everything, she tries to tell him to forget it, but he tells her that she should go for it which made Haruka sad (to the point of crying) and angry at him. With the next few days being quite depressing, Kanon asks Kazuya if he knows where Haruka is since she hasn't been attending club activities lately and isn't answering her phone. Realizing that Haruka maybe in the same situation as earlier, he rushes out to search for her, even with the aid of the Photography Club and Photo Club. In the evening, finally being able to locate Haruka safely back at her home gave Kazuya a big relief, but in the same time made him depressed because he thought that she was ignoring him. On next day as the two avoid each other, the members of the Photography club decide to fix the problem with the help of everyone else. In the end, Kazuya messages Haruka and asks to meet at the "Place where their memories are".

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