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"Love Blooms in the Summer night Sky"
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Episode Summary: The episode starts out with Aira and Rizumu practicing. Rizumu is graceful while Aira is bumping and falling because she is tired. She says that it is summer already but it's all practicing. That was when Callings came and invited them to go to a fireworks festival with them. The president appeared to turn down the offer until Wataru pleaded her. Aira was getting ready to go in a short yukata, her own coordination but ran out of time to prepare which disappointed her. Rizumu had wondered off to where all the food was and Hibiki was chasing her so that left Aira, Shō and Wataru. That was when they saw Mion and just as Aira was about to say her name Shō covered her mouth which made her blush. Mion made Wataru hold all of her prizes which left the 2. Aira had stumbled when someone bumped into her which made Shō hold her wrist and Shōlder making her blush the second time. The groups both had fun in their own ways. Shō had told Aira to close her eyes just to push a new stone which was exactly the coordination Aira was going to wear. Aira and Rizumu ended up doing a prism show with the short yukatas, Aira's being yellow and red while Rizumu's was purple and green. It ended with the 2 couples watching the fireworks together despite the fact that Shō had said something to Aira that no one heard.

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