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"We dedicate to you the blessing of Skate constellation!"
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Episode Summary: In the beginning of the episode the girls find out that Aira and Rizumu's birthdays are on the same day. Mion decides to plan a surprise party for the 2 because they are still feeling down about the Summer Queen Cup. She puts on a disguise that makes her look like a suspicious person and goes to the girls houses to find out that Rizumu loves to eat especially meat and that Aira likes cakes, clothes, and recently, added by her mother, Aira has started to like Callings especially Shō. She plans a party with Callings. When Hibiki and Shō leave Wataru stays behind to check if Mion was OK. He ends up pulling her cheeks and telling her that she, a popular super model can become friends with Aira and Rizumu which makes her blush and tell him thank you to which she said that she won't say it a second time. The party starts in a planetarium where Callings sings a new song just for Aira and Rizumu. Shō gives a dress to Aira and Hibiki gives chocolate to Rizumu. They both kiss their hands which makes them faint. Aira then requests that Mion do a prism show to which she agrees to do. In the end the president and Jun come along with a cake with the girls' names on it and announce that they are all going to debut which makes the 3 girls surprised.

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