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"Comedy Showdown in School Trip"
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Episode Summary: Aira and Rizumu's school trip has been decided to be Kyoto. They thought that Mion wasn't going to come until she did come. They spent time with each other and took pictures. Rizumu had noticed a commotion and went to look making Aira and Mion chase her. They find out that Hibiki is filming there by himself. Aira asked if it was just Hibiki while the president replied that they weren't doing a prism show so the other 2 didn't need to come. Mion thinks that Hibiki might have a girlfriend in Kyoto which makes Rizumu lose her balance. They meet Serena and Kanon yet again. When Hibiki gets friendly with Kanon, Rizumu misunderstands that she is his girlfriend. They had even promised to go eat matcha(green tea) parfaits together. She runs away and the entire night she feels jealous. The next day they go to Serena and Kanon's prism show after getting tickets. They were actually invited so that they can compete against them. Rizumu is still jealous of Hibiki and Kanon. Things get worse when Serena mentions that they have to do a comedy act before the prism show which is a lie. They were able to get the crowd to laugh and did a prism show. They beat Serena and Kanon. However when Kanon came back to get Hibiki to take her to eat the matcha parfait, Serena said that they didn't have time for parfaits and dragged her away to train. Hibiki invited the 3 to go eat the parfait. The parfaits were huge. In the end, Rizumu said that this was the best school trip.

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