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"Heart Pounding and Throbbing Halloween Party Night☆"
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Episode Summary: Pretty Top has decided to hold a Halloween party in the shopping mall. MARs and Callings are left to think of ideas for the celebration. Aira and Shō go to her house to get her parents to make sweets for the party. They were able to persuade them however Shō provoked Aira's father by calling him "dad". Meanwhile Hibiki is carrying boxes and Mion and Wataru are sewing the outfits. The next day, Aira dressed up as an angel, Rizumu was a black cat and Mion was a princess. Shō was a pirate, Hibiki was a wolf man and Wataru was a knight. Hibiki had to follow Rizumu to carry all her candy. The other 4 ended up splitting into groups of two to get all the supplies out for the party(Aira and Shō, and Mion and Wataru). Wataru and Mion go into the dark storage place(that looked like a haunted house),with all the boxes, first. Wataru was having a hard time looking for the supplies they need which makes Mion feel insecure and tell him that he Shōld be more reliable. After a piece of decoration with a ghost's face on it scared Mion from behind, she started to run deeper into the dark place, dragging Wataru along with her. Shō opened the same door to the place and stopped Aira before she could go in. It turns out that he is afraid of dark places. Mion finally stopped running and admitted to Wataru that she was scared of ghosts. Wataru finally vowed to her that no matter what happens he would protect her. Then Rizumu came with a pumpkin on head and scared both of them. Aira was looking for Mion while Shō was holding her arm. They were having their special moment where Shō was going to say something until they heard Mion scream. Rizumu and Mion dashed to Aira and Shō and dragged Aira along to the prism show rink. Calling took this chance to perform their new song. MARs went next and performed their new jump "Tokimeki Halloween Night". At the end Mion brought up the fact, to everyone, about how Wataru told her that he would protect her but didn't do anything when Rizumu was chasing her. She said it was too early for her to fall in love with him which made him chase after her saying it wasn't like that. Jun had asked Kyōko to dance but she refused. Mion, at the end stuck her tongue out probably implying that she was joking about not falling in love with him anytime soon.

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