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"Is this Love!? Love Battle in the World of Showbiz"
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Episode Summary: MARs seems to have a really busy day. Their new song Hop! Step! Jump! ranked 2nd in overall ratings. The 1st rated song was Nana Ichijō's song of "Lucky 7 Star". It turns out that she and Shō are actually acting in this drama called Love Inflation. Seeing the heart pounding scene between them made Aira feel shocked. Nana is upset that Shō went over to Aira instead of her on the program and slapped him. She told him that she loves him and hugged him which her security guards took a picture of and she seemed to be scheming something. Aira saw this and the next day she seemed so out of it when helping with her family's shop. Nana confronted her and told her not to get close to Shō which made her sad. She saw the scandal picture of Nana and Shō hugging. When MARs went to the president's office to ask about the photo Aira misunderstood that Nana was special because Shō already declared that he won't fall in love while he is Callings to Aira in a previous episode. The following day Aira seems to have figured out her feelings and coordinated 3 outfits that Shō designed. They performed "Hop! Step!! Jump!!!" which gained ratings and became first place. Aira seems to have obtained so much Star Aura that she stood out the entire performance and did the prism jumps all by herself. Shō came to walk them home. Due to Rizumu and Mion's easy to see through excuses, Aira and Shō ended up having to walk home together. After explaining that there is nothing going on between him and Nana(who got another guy), Shō told Aira that he likes her (even though he said that he won't act on his feelings). The episode ends with Shō and Aira laughing because Rizumu and Mion suddenly appeared to cover up for Aira and Shō's conversation that would be a scandal if someone took a picture.

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