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"Their Determination"
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Episode Summary: The president has spilled most of the news and decided what Aira, Rizumu and Mion will do to get entrance into the Prism Queen Cup. Since they must all get a wedding dress won in a competition, Mion will be in the New Year Cup, Aira in the Pure Premium Wedding Cup and Rizumu in the Winter Snow Cup. However despite Rizumu and Mion vowing to do their best, Aira is left unsure of the turn of events. Mion is faced with a challenge of going against the Prism Star that used to battle with the president, Togashi Karina. After Karina's hard to beat performance it is time for Mion to step up to the plate. Because he knew Mion would be nervous, Wataru came running over from the broadcast Callings was making to give her some encouragement words before running back. Wataru purposely stretched Mion's cheeks and told her that she has Aira, Rizumu and Callings cheering on her no matter what, making her mad and back to normal. She was recharged by Wataru and performed a new jump that gave her a victory. Karina revealed that because Mion was so promising to be a Prism Queen, she can happily retire and gave Mion the pure wedding stones earning Mion entry in the Prism Queen Cup. Karina also mocked Kyoko with the fact that she will get to wear a wedding dress first since she is getting married since she is retiring. Mion decided to go to a competition overseas and Wataru comes to see her off saying that everyone is waiting for her, making her blush. The episode ends when she signals that she'll be perfectly fine with her thumb up.

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