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"Fateful resumption of Rizumu and Sonata"
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Episode Summary: At first, Aira is practicing the Aurora Rising, with the training designed by Kyoko and Jun. At night, Rizumu is practicing Aurora Rising by herself. The Bear-chi tell her to rest. The next morning, Bear-chi call Rizumu to wake up and she forget to bring her lunch box. During the Winter Snow Cup, Aira saw Kaname and Kaname jumped on her. During the competition, Chris Kaname danced the same dance as Rizumu's mother in the Prism Queen Cup. Kyoko and Rizumu find that out and Rizumu at that time is very surprised. Kaname also does the jump "Fresh Fruit Basket" and "Stardust Shower perfect" which was an imitation of both Aira and Rizumu putting Rizumu in a tight spot. She got 8280 carat, same as Aira. Rizumu's turn approaches and Jun tells Rizumu that she can jump the "Aurora Rising" but not now. It will ruin her now. Her father then comes. Rizumu then came out to dance. She jumps the " Super Stardust Shower", however failed as she saw her dad and her mom Sonata. At last, Rizumu and her dad called out Sonata but she refused to say that Rizumu is her daughter. The next day, Jun brings Rizumu to see Kei, who will teach her how to jump Aurora Rising. She sacrifices the cheer bracelet on her wrist with the word Prism Star.

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