Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream Episode 49 English Subbed

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"Soar! The Aurora Wings"
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Episode Summary: Chris Kaname performs her Prism Show, earning 6510 carat after failing to do the Aurora Rising. After a heated discussion with her, Sonata takes Kaname and departs for the airport. Before Rizumu takes the stage, Serena and Kanon call to her, telling her that Kaname needs to speak with her. Rizumu hears from Kaname that Sonata and she are heading to the airport. Though everyone wants to leave right away, Rizumu decides to perform her Prism Show. As the music starts and she begins dancing, she focuses her mind on her mother. With her heart set on bringing her mother home, Rizumu performs her own version of the Aurora Rising, Aurora Rising Final. She sprouts Aurora-colored wings and flies off to find her mother. Sonata sees the Aurora, and Rizumu delivers a short speech to her before flying back to the competition. When she returns, she interrupts the show, calling her father to chase Sonata. With the help of Serena and Kanon, Rizumu manages to reach her mother at the airport. She delivers a moving speech to Sonata, saying how she misses her and loves her very much and forgives her for leaving the family. Sonata, though hesitant, is overcome with guilt and love. She turns to embrace her daughter, the scene becoming a tearful reunion. Back at the Prism Queen Cup, Rizumu has been disqualified for not finishing her Prism Show. Now, all that's left is for Mion and Aira to perform.

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