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"New Prism Queen is Born!"
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Episode Summary: As Mion is preparing in her dressing room, her parents came to visit her. Her mother gives Mion the Star Necklace Prism Stone, and Mion's parents wish her good luck. With an outburst of Star Aura, Mion performed the Prism Jump "Miracle Macchiato" and a new Prism Jump called Eternal Big Bang. The judges gave Mion a perfect score, 10000/10000 carats, putting her in first place. Before Aira changes into her Pure Premium Wedding Coord, President Kyōko gives her a pep talk, saying that she'll need to successfully perform the Aurora Rising Prism Jump to win. Aira then takes the stage, feeling anxious about the legendary Prism Jump. As Aira's fans in the audience chant her name and cheer for her, the announcer states that Aira has completed many people's dreams and inspired many people. Shou was also shouting Aira's name and wishing her good luck, causing Hibiki and Wataru to tease him. The hopes and love of her fans brings Aira to tears, as she didn't know that so many people have supported her. With her confidence fully restored and her Star Aura shining at 100%, Aira performs her Prism Show. She performs Fresh Fruits Paradise and, with great climax, Aurora Rising Dream, her own version of Aurora Rising. Aira's legendary jump allowed the whole world to perform the Aurora Rising, including President Kyōko and Sonata. Such a sight bring Kei to tears as her World tarot card floats before her. Aira earns the score O.T.T. (Over The Top), placing ahead of Mion and becoming the new Prism Queen.

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