Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream Episode 51 English Subbed

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"Dream goes on..."
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Episode Summary: After the Prism Queen tournament, Aira awakens the next day and announces that she has a date, which doesn't go so well with her father. She rushes out the door to meet Shou at the park. Kanon and Serena are seen in the Jounochi building where they are informed that they will be joining Pretty Top by President Kyōko via a TV in the room. Kyōko then meets Sonata while walking on the waterfront about what has happened since they last met. Kyōko then gets invited to dinner and she accepts. Jun is shown sitting in Kei's mansion and tells Kei that Aira and the others have "Infinite Potential", in which opens the window and yells for Jun to find the top of that potential. Mion meets Jun at the airport, and Jun tells Mion to follow her dreams, after which Jun disappears into the airport gate. Wataru then comes with a handkerchief, and Mion gets mad but decides to take Wataru's handkerchief. Rizumu meets Hibiki and they talk at their "secret" training place. It soon turns night and Rizumu brings Hibiki to her apartment for dinner. Kanon and Serena also come but only to watch Hibiki. Aira, Mion and Rizumu are then shown looking into the "Prism Stone" when Penguin-sensei comes and announces a present for them. This was the upgrade of the three pair-cheer mascots to level 2. Then, MARs perform on stage in the town square for the final time.

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