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"A Prism's Sparkle is Always Here"
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Episode Summary: Aira and Rizumu have begun to train when Jun calls them in to the president. They are to go to Hakune and teach some kids and their mothers dance moves on Mother's Day. With Rizumu not having a mother she has to bring her Dad and Aira brings her mom. When Aira's mom and Rizumu's dad meet they are shocked to find they know each other. Aira's mom was a Prism Star fashion coordinator and Rizumu's dad was a Prism Star. They arrive at Hakune to find an at first very rude little girl, Natsuki, but it is later revealed that she is just upset that her mother seems to never pay attention to her. Rizumu could relate to her. So Aira and Rizumu give her a makeover with clothes and she seems happier. Then her mom who said she would be their for the start of the Prism show could not be their until later. This pushes the girl to far and she begins to cry. Rizumu tells her to be strong and that crying won't help and that at least she can see her mom. Aira's mom cuts in and tells Rizumu that not everyone can be as strong as she is. Rizumu runs off crying and Aira goes to find her. Natsuki gives Rizumu the pin she was supposed to give to her mother and makes Rizumu feel better. Rizumu performs an amazing prism show. After seeing Rizumu perform Natsuki also wants to be a Prism Star.

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