Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live Episode 5 English Subbed

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"My Song is a Multi♡Colored~dream"

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Episode Summary: As Prism Stone is gaining more customers, the store's owner, Chisato Ibara, feels that it's time for a new Prism Show. Chisato explains that Prism Shows are generally performed with a Prism Star's own song, known as a "My Song", and tasks Naru with having a My Song by Saturday. Naru has trouble coming up with a My Song, and enlists the help of a boy who she hears singing on an apartment rooftop every time she comes home from school. However, the boy refuses, saying he isn't going to give his songs to anyone. The boy, Kouji Mihama, is explained to be a former student of Edel Rose, but quit after his song was stolen by another student named Hiro. Naru goes to apologize to Kouji and manages to convey to him that his song made her happy, while he believed otherwise. Kouji agrees to write her a song, but only on one condition - Naru can never tell anyone he was the one to write it. On the day of Naru's My Song debut, Naru receives the song from Kouji, and upon hearing it, comes up with the song's choreography. She soon goes to perform, successfully pulling off her first Prism Jump alongside her Prism Live.

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