Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live Episode 9 English Subbed

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"A Prism Live is a Cloudy Storm"

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Episode Summary: In order to confirm whether or not Rinne can actually do four consecutive Prism Jumps, Bell, Wakana, and Otoha invite Prism Stone to an Edel Rose Prism Show. However, Chisato says Rinne can't go due to urgent business. Due to this, Prism Stone cannot perform at Edel Rose, as all four members aren't there. Ann decides to call Rinne, but learns from Chisato that Rinne has disappeared - as she is already at Edel Rose, as discovered by Naru. Naru and Ann go after Rinne, but can't find her. Ito finds out about the plan concerning Rinne after an impulsive outburst from Otoha, and tells Naru and Ann. Ann and Wakana decide to hold a Prism Show contest in which the loser must quit Prism Shows for good. Fortunately, a rainstorm occurs before the contest begin. The six girls then see Rinne dancing in the rain, singing her My Song. She performs her first solo Prism Live and executes her consecutive jumps, confirming that the four jumps are no magic trick. The Prism Stone girls learn that Bell, Wakana, and Otoha are preparing for the Dreaming Session, an upcoming Prism Show tournament, in which they decide to enter themselves.

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