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"Kapitel des Junges: Coppelia (Part 1)"
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Episode Summary: Rumors fly about the incident between Mytho and Fakir. After a second altercation involving Rue, Fakir is banned from the school for a week. It is revealed that because Mytho's heart shard of love had been soaked in Raven's blood, he will turn into a raven when all of his heart shards are returned. Rue and her father need Princess Tutu in order to complete the prince's heart and the Raven warns Rue that she cannot try to make Tutu disappear. Under the raven blood's influence, Mytho asks Pique out, seeking her pure heart as a sacrifice to the Raven. He demands that she love only him and hate all others. Pique and Mytho meet at night where he tries to take her heart, but Princess Tutu stops this by explaining to her that she did not truly love Mytho. Duck returns Pique and Mytho to the school, where she stays with Pique until the next morning. Pique forgets about having loved Mytho and the friendship between the girls is repaired.

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