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"Prayers of a Maiden ~ Gebet einer Jungfrau (Part 1)"
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Episode Summary: The beautiful Freya becomes the next target for Mytho. He tries but fails to get her heart once in the practice room, forestalled by the appearance of Princess Tutu. Duck meets a mysterious little child with a drum in town. She meets Fakir by the smith's shop and learns that the child was made from the unburned wood left from the puppet Edel who saved Fakir, Duck, and Mytho after the duet at the underground lake. Later, a contest is held in the school, with the prize being the opportunity to dance alongside Mytho. Freya wins the contest. At the fountain, Mytho tries to take her heart yet again, but is stopped by Fakir and Princess Tutu. Freya is saved, but Mytho disappears. The Raven is upset at Kraehe for being unable to present him with a suitable heart.

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