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"Crime and Punishment ~ Carmen Aragonaise (Part 1)"
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Episode Summary: A new "prince" appears. The romantic, Femio, claims to be a prince who is to love and be loved by all. Upon meeting Duck, he gives her a rose to show his love for her. Later at practice, he takes the first solo, although he is still on probation. During his embarrassing performance (not ballet at all, more like a weird collection of movements) Mytho is jarred by what he says and mimes "I love you" before collapsing. Uzura, the puppet, hears gossip that Duck and Femio are "lovey dovey" from a group of school girls. Meanwhile, while Mytho rests, Kraehe tries to obtain the heart of Femio in the back of the town library. Femio breaks the spell of his own will because of his desire to be loved by all women. He cannot choose between Kraehe and Tutu and ends up getting stampeded over by a large group of bulls. Fakir hears from Uzura that Duck is lovey dovey with Femio and tells her to not to repeat gossip. Upon leaving the library, Duck finds Fakir in the herd of bulls with Uzura. Duck mimes "I love you" to Fakir, much to his embarrassment, and asks him why Mytho would have done it. Kraehe speaks with Mytho afterwards where she learns that he knew she would not have been able to get the love necessary to obtain a heart, which hurts Kraehe's feelings.

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