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Episode Summary: Duck contemplates who she is as Princess Tutu. Mytho notes that someone is calling him, and empathizes with the feeling that that someone wants to meet someone, recognizing the feeling to be loneliness. Fakir tries to convince Mytho that he does not need a heart; meanwhile, Duck gets chastised for interrupting Rue’s practice rehearsal. Duck vows to return Mytho’s heart to him, while denying that she loves him. Later, Rue reiterates Fakir’s words to Mytho, telling him that he loves her, and that is all he needs to know. Fakir tries to find out why Mytho is regaining his feelings. Mytho follows the aforementioned call and disappears. Duck and Rue go looking for him. They run into Edel, who tells them a story and directs them in the right direction, which enables them to find Mytho. He has found the ghost Giselle, who has been calling to him, and is offered a rosemary flower, which will allow Giselle to take him with her to the land of the dead. Rue tries to save him by dancing with Giselle, but fails. When Rue falls, Duck hides and transforms into Princess Tutu. Tutu reveals herself to Rue and dances with Giselle. She successfully gains the feeling of sadness from Giselle and gives it to Mytho. Drosselmeyer notes that the feelings returned to the Prince, thus far, are unhappy ones, and asks Tutu, “is this how you will restore happiness to the Prince?”

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