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"Raven Princess ~ An der schönen blauen Donau"
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Episode Summary: Distraught over what she has done to Mytho, Duck thinks about giving up being Princess Tutu, but knows that if she does she can no longer be a girl. Drosselmeyer is worried that the story will be frozen again if Duck quits, so he stops time to encourage her. His pep talk, however, achieves the opposite of his intentions: Duck throws her pendant into the river, transforming back into a duck. Meanwhile, Mytho is confused at the new emotions he is feeling and wanders to the river. There, the heart shard of curiosity takes him deep underwater. Duck tries to save him but cannot in her duck form, so she retrieves her pendant and becomes Princess Tutu once more. Mytho tells her that he does not want her to go; that he wants her to restore his heart. Gladdened, Tutu is about to restore his feeling of curiosity when it is suddenly stolen by the Raven Princess, Kraehe.

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