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"Crossroad of the Devil"

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Episode Summary: Three years ago, Yayoi, a former guitarist, was institutionalized after she's detected as a latent criminal. As she anxiously waits for release so she can play the guitar again, she is approached by Kogami, who was still an Inspector, and Ginoza about a series of crimes occurring in the area she was once familiar with. She initially rejects their offer until Kogami gives her some guitar strings which reminded her of a guitarist she admired, Rina Takizaki. When the club they are investigating gets set on fire after Kogami's Enfocer partner Mitsuru Sasayama jumps the gun in approaching culprits dealing with Molotov cocktails, Yayoi decides to search for Rina, only to discover she is part of a resistance group selling the Molotov cocktails in the hopes of overthrowing the Sybil System. Yayoi tries to stop Rina but finds she is unable to use the Dominator that Kogami gave her, as she was not actually an Enforcer yet, and Rina escapes. Afterwards, Yayoi resolves to become an Enforcer and leaves the rehabilitation center.

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