PSYCHO-PASS Episode 20 English Subbed

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"The Place Where Justice Is Found"

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Episode Summary: The Sibyl System reveals itself to Akane, claiming that she understands the necessity of the system, if not its justifiability, asking her for cooperation to apprehend Makishima alive. Makishima finds the professor who is responsible for the hyper-oats and murders him after finding the information he seeks, taking along the man's fingers and eyeballs as a measure against biometric security. Kogami arrives on the scene not long after and leaves a clue for the MWSPB in the man's airpipe. Meanwhile, Akane contacts Sibyl and convinces it to withdraw the execution order for Kogami, should she accomplishes its request to capture Makishima alive. Thanks to her detective work, they quickly find Kogami's clue and learns about the situation, as Makishima finally reaches his destination, with Kogami right on his trail.

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  1. BitNdragon

    Mar 8th, 2013

    I love animes like this where I truly just want the bad guy to win

  2. Mitsukichi

    Mar 8th, 2013

    Finally Akane takes action and became more dependable..! Hurry and kill that Makishima..! but I don’t want Kogami to get killed too by the sibyl system… that system is really messed up!

  3. hollowfox


    Mar 8th, 2013

    can’t wait for next ep

  4. Hassan

    Mar 8th, 2013

    @BitNdragon I totally agree !!!

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  7. EdwardElric

    Mar 14th, 2013

    So cool. – u -

  8. jonaDJ

    Mar 15th, 2013

    oh gosh…

  9. GurrenLagann

    Mar 16th, 2013

    :) )))

  10. mysticmusician

    Mar 16th, 2013

    :O hmmm

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  13. randomise

    Mar 23rd, 2013

    Dang i love psycho pass

  14. Meechel

    Jan 5th, 2014

    gaawwwwh i loove psycho pass so muuch

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