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"The Final Sign Left"
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Episode Summary: Kyubey reveals to Homura that the reason Madoka has the potential to become such a powerful witch is because Homura's constant trips through time to try and save Madoka has resulted in her becoming the centerpoint of countless timelines, as the potential of a magical girl is determined by the relative effect of their role on fate. After Sayaka's funeral, Kyubey shows Madoka the history of magical girls and how it has shaped civilization, causing extreme distress to Madoka. Madoka's mother, Junko, grows concerned about her, feeling she is hiding something from her. Madoka goes to see Homura, who unconvincingly reassures her that she can handle Walpurgisnacht, and finally reveals the truth about herself, begging Madoka to allow Homura to protect her. As a storm hits the city, and the citizens take shelter, Homura stands alone to face Walpurgisnacht, throwing everything she has at it, but even so she is still overwhelmed and eventually is all but defeated. When Madoka hears from Kyubey that Homura may turn into a witch if the latter loses hope of saving her, Madoka prepares to go and find her. Although Junko tries to stop her, Madoka convinces her that she is doing what she believes is the right thing. As Homura begins to lose hope and is on the verge of becoming a witch, Madoka arrives with Kyubey, announcing that she plans to make her wish.

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  1. absoluteanonymous

    Mar 20th, 2013

    This series was too short :( almost over

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  3. Alyssbaskerville

    May 17th, 2013

    Sob sob

  4. If you think about it, Homura’ s fate and the life she lives are some of the most horrible (meaning very very sad, not badly written) subplots in any anime.

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