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"There's No Way I Would Regret It"
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Episode Summary: Both Madoka and Homura show concern about Sayaka's decision to become a magical girl. Sayaka visits Kyōsuke and feels happy that he is finally able to play his violin once again. Madoka asks Homura to become friends with Sayaka, not wanting her to suffer the same fate as Mami, though Homura's words, that those who become magical girls cannot be saved, do nothing to comfort her. Later that day, Madoka joins Sayaka on patrol, where they find a witch's familiar, but it escapes when Sayaka's attacks are blocked by Kyōko, who only cares about collecting Grief Seeds from mature witches. Kyōko's selfishness angers Sayaka, and the two magical girls clash violently, with Madoka unable to do anything to stop them. As Kyōko gets the upper hand, Madoka considers using her wish to stop the fighting, but Homura steps in before she can do so.

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