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"I Can't Forgive That Kind of Thing"
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Episode Summary: As a witch appears before Kyōko, Homura arrives and uses her time manipulation to help Kyōko escape, bringing Sayaka's body to Madoka. Homura reveals that the witch was actually Sayaka, whose Soul Gem had transformed into a Grief Seed as a result of becoming too tainted with despair. Later that night, Kyubey appears before Madoka again, explaining that his race, known as Incubators, choose girls in their teens and raise them to become witches in order to obtain powerful energy from the transition from hope to despair in an effort to prevent the heat death of the universe. Incubators are coldly logical, with emotion considered an illness. Thus the process is only feasible with humans, especially adolescent girls. Desperately clinging to the hope that there may still be a way to save Sayaka, Kyōko asks Madoka to help her in an attempt to reach Sayaka's human feelings and try to obtain her Soul Gem from the witch. As the two enter the portal to confront the witch, Kyōko takes the majority of its attacks while Madoka tries to reach Sayaka with words. However, when Sayaka ends up attacking Madoka as well, Kyōko has Homura get Madoka to safety while she sacrifices herself to destroy Sayaka. Kyubey, who had clearly known there was no way of saving Sayaka, taunts Homura, saying that with Kyōko gone, she will not be able to stop Walpurgisnacht without Madoka becoming a magical girl.

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    “So death I see doth suit the tragic scene. To be is not to be but to have been. Come valiant friend we needs must wonder off to some netter room and fall upon our swords.” -Hamlet.

  3. shslshota

    Aug 19th, 2013

    This episode tho

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    Jan 19th, 2014

    Is Kyoko dead?!

  5. This show has done the impossible. It has killed off two very likeable characters, has a protagonist that as of yet has done nothing, and has not yet touched on Homura’s backstory (well, not in full detail, anyway)…and yet still manages to be awesome.

    Am I missing something?!

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    And has an adorable fluffy creature that people call bastard. :D

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    41 Minutes to Download…

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    What.The.Hell.Just.Happened. 0_o

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