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"Twilight of the Papers, Part II"
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Episode Summary: Michelle and Anita leave Maggie behind to hold Wong's attention while they continue the search for Nenene. When the only way to get to Nenene can be traversed by the smaller Anita, Anita has to continue on alone. Meanwhile, Wendy and Joker have taken advantage of the distraction to retrieve the special books, while Junior plants bombs underneath the massive skyscrapers comprising the headquarters. Anita manages to rescue Nenene, and though Linho almost manages to subdue Anita, he repents and lets the two escape, at the cost of his own life. The bombs go off, Maggie escapes from Wong, who falls into the exploding building, and the protagonists are eventually reunited. However, such was the damage of the explosion that a large portion of Hong Kong Island sinks along with Dokusensha's headquarters. Back in Tokyo, a familiar female voice leaves a brief message on Nenene's answering machine.

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