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"Not a Big Problem-From There On..."
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Episode Summary: The Paper Sisters meet with Yomiko and the others, and they spend a week searching for the secret location of the British Library. They finally deduce the right place and discover Mr. Kim, working for the British Library, as they force him to help them infiltrate the headquarters. They split into three groups to rescue Nenene and Junior as well as capture Joker. The Paper Sisters successfully find Nenene, but Yomiko loses her nerve when facing down Joker. In the Special Operations base, Wendy is forced to hook Junior into the Gentleman Resurrection machine. While she is willing to do this, she tells him that if part of his own identity survives he should take revenge on her. With Nenene, Yomiko, and the Paper Sisters captured, the resurrection project begins, and the heroes attempt to talk Joker and Wendy out of their plan. Drake creates a distraction while Nancy infiltrates the Resurrection Chamber to free Junior. Nenene reveals she had hidden her manuscript under her shirt, providing ammunition for the Paper Masters, and the fight very quickly turns to their favor. Junior transfers part of the energies of Mr. Gentleman into Joker's mind, causing him to age rapidly and leaving him catatonic. As Junior is freed from the key of Mr. Gentleman, the resurrection device attaches itself to Anita and nearly kills her. Ultimately, the project fails, the British Library collapses, sending its members on the run. Wendy hides in the country to nurse Joker. Everyone returns to their daily lives - Yomiko and Nenene shop in Jinbocho, Michelle takes care of Junior at Yomiko's house in Saitama, Drake visits his daughter, Maggie and Anita still live at Nenene's house, and Anita attends school with her friends.

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