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"Operation Jupiter Obliteration"
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Episode Summary: Makoto, after firing Haruka from the organization on behalf of Ayato's recent acts of theft, orders the operation to start one hour sooner than scheduled. When the operation commences, the barrier has been diminished. During this time, Ayato vigorously paints a portrait of Reika, while Quon passionately plays the piano having Ayato on her mind. Ixtli appears before Ayato and Quon in these forms in order to help them enter the tuning into her. Though Quon accepts to enter the tuning, Ayato rejects to do so. Souichi dismisses Makoto from his position as organization commander and federation observer for having undergone the operation with being permitted by the federation. Quon has now been awakened as the black egg begins to hatch, while Ayato encases the RahXephon in the white egg.

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