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"From Here to Eternity"
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Episode Summary: Kunugi returns back the base as commander, and Haruka regains her position as well. Masayoshi Kuki threatens the TERRA Organization to hand over the RahXephon to him within one day or be faced against an approaching Dolem named Largo. Nirai-Kanai is evacuated onto the base thereafter, while Kunugi is the only person who stays behind in order to operate the defense systems. It is revealed that Kuki was Kunugi's superior officer during the Mulian war. Ixtli pleas for Ayato to enter the tuning into her, or else all humanity will be lost and forgotten. As it seems that Kunugi is overpowered by Largo, he activates the Jupiter system device as his secret weapon to backfire at Kuki, destroying the entire island.

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