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Episode Summary: Ayato's distressed feelings causes the RahXephon to petrify. Itsuki Kisaragi and Souichi Yakumo come up with a plan to resolve the situation. After the two see him as no longer a threat, Itsuki escorts him, bringing Quon along, to see Sayoko Nanamori. She takes Ayato to the household of Professor Shougo Rikudo, where he is to reside with Megumi Shitou, much to her dismay. As she shows him around town, a downpour occurs, forcing them to take shelter for a while before return in back home. Haruka later shows up at the house with Elvy Hadhiyat, who is in a drunken stupor and tries to flirt with Ayato. Rikudo helps Ayato to settle in, revealing that he reminds Megumi to "not do unto others".

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