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"The First Transfer Student"

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Episode Summary: One day, timid 15 year old Izumiko decides to cut her bangs as her first step toward self change. Despite her best efforts, she is still bullied at school due to her sheltered upbringing at a shrine by her grandfather. However, she has several friends, including a boy named Wamiya, who is quiet, like her. At school, when she uses a computer for class, bizarre things happen and every computer in the room loses power. She is sure that this is her fault, as Izumiko is unable to use technology without breaking it. To make matters worse,an old acquaintance, Miyuki, a boy who seems to hate her and constantly berates her, is brought to the shrine by his father, Yukimasa Sagara, who is a mountain monk. His father cryptically tells Miyuki that compared to Izumiko, who is incredibly important and special, he is nothing but a servant, and then tells his son that he will transfer to Izumiko's school. Miyuki adamantly refuses, and leaves the shrine, followed by his father. Shortly after, Miyuki and his father return, and Miyuki is covered in cuts and bruises. His father assures Izumiko and his shocked grandparents that Miyuki fell off a cliff, and before any questions can be asked Miyuki announces that he will be transferring to Izumiko's school and living in her shrine in the meantime.

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