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"The First Palm of Someone's Hand"
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Episode Summary: Izumiko and Miyuki plan to see Suzuhara, Izumiko's mother, during their school field trip in Tokyo. Upon arriving in Tokyo, Izumiko is terrified as she begins to sense something sinister following her. Miyuki thinks it's all in her head until a strange series of events occur, preventing them from meeting Suzuhara. However, just as the sinister figure closes in on them, it's revealed to be none other than Yukimasa Sagara, Miyuki's father, and she instantly calms down. However he assures them that he was not the one keeping them from meeting Izumiko's mother, and that it may have been someone else. Though they are at Yukariko's house, Yukimasa informs them that Izumiko's mother will not be meeting with them. When Izumiko leaves the room, Miyuki accuses his father of using a spell to calm down Izumiko. Yukimasa confesses, agreeing, and then reveals to Miyuki that Izumiko, like her mother, is actually immensely important and she needs protection, as many will want to exploit her powers for personal gain- however, unlike her mother, she has not fully awakened to this power yet. Suddenly, Suzuhara appears, saying to protect Izumiko, as she is her 'last vessel'. Then suddenly, Suzuhara seems to awaken from a sort of trance, asking what has happened, her personality clearly different from before. Yukimasa tells Miyuki that she was possessed by an ancient power, and soon Izumiko will also be possessed by the same power. He then tells Miyuki that if it seems to be too much, he is allowed to change back to a different school and he no longer must stay with Izumiko.

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    I don’t know what to think… This is such a girl anime, but it reminds me of shinsekai yori so idk if I will watch it or not…

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    i’m curious about her powers………

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    This is real interesting.

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    it looks like this is a girl anime, oh well,

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