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"Roman Holiday"

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Episode Summary: Fumihiko Matsumaru anxiously awaits his date, Tanaka, in front of the movie theater. When Tanaka is late, he crumples the movie tickets and prepares to throw them away, only to "hear" the tickets telling him not to do so; in actuality, it's a nearby girl who's dubbing the voice of the tickets. He gives the tickets to her, and they watch the movie together. Inside, she reads the subtitles of the movie out loud and Fumihiko concludes that she is just weird. Leaving the theater, Fumihiko sees Tanaka with another man and thus saddened is accompanied by the subtitle-reading girl for yakitori and beer. As the two head home, Fumihiko finds out that the girl lives almost next door. In the middle of the night, he wakes to see the girl's apartment has burnt down and convinces her to stay in his house. As she becomes distraught over her horrible luck, they kiss. The girl introduces herself as Aka Onda, before they make love and fall asleep.

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