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"A Witch's Vow"
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Episode Summary: As the Astral members converse about dates and corresponding unluckiness, Itsuki complains about the responsibilities of becoming president. As he takes a walk from the city, he is confronted by Adelicia, who is incensed that he is unaware of Goetia, and uses her magic in an attempt to coerce Itsuki into pulling out of a bid. Honami stops her, and Adelicia retreats. Later, Nekoyashiki asks Itsuki to join Honami in dispelling a spell wave contamination. However, a mansion appears, and Honami recalls how in their youth, Itsuki saved her from a magical creature, changing his Glamsight in the process. Honami saves him from a Dullahan in the mansion, fulfilling her desire to protect Itsuki. At school, Adelicia arrives as a new student, much to Itsuki's embarrassment and Honami's chagrin.

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  1. Regnier


    May 18th, 2012

    This is episode 1 in chronological order, the air dates on tv were different and that is why the episode numbering is jumbled. :) just a heads up, i know it says episode two while your watching it.

  2. Haddy

    Sep 21st, 2014

    thanks ^

  3. Abby

    Sep 21st, 2016

    Um… But it says at the start that it’s actually episode two…

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