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"Red-Headed Girl"
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Episode Summary: Itsuki meets a girl in a park, and, seeing her alone, gives her food and a business card. She later goes to the Astral residence, asking for a basilisk eye, shocking the Astral members, but they accept when she offers a valuable antique. Astral proceeds to the basilisk's lair, where the basilisk manages to trap Lapis and Itsuki and subsequently overwhelms Mikan's protective charm. Itsuki reveals his Glamsight, and the Astral members dispatch the basilisk. Itsuki then collapses from the magical pollution, and Nekoyashiki barely manages to purify him before lasting damage is incurred. Later, Lapis arrives at Itsuki's bedside and an argument between Lapis and Mikan is interrupted by Honami, who reveals Lapis' identity as a homunculus, a mage's familiar. Lapis activates the basilisk eye and destroys the room. Nekoyashiki then surmises that Lapis is the familiar of Judaix Tholoide, one of the founders of Astral.

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