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"Father's Successor"
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Episode Summary: Adelicia raids Tholoide's lab, but is defeated by the alchemist and Lapis. Back in Japan, Kagezaki brings an item once owned by Tsukasa Iba, Itsuki's father, that the Association was holding for Itsuki, but reveals that Tholoide is disputing Itsuki's control of Astral. Itsuki and Honami go to a blimp to converse with Tholoide, whom speaks through Lapis. Tholoide concedes that Itsuki has a claim but suggests they hold a Fehde, a magical battle to determine ownership of Astral and the item left with the Association. After Tholoide induces Itsuki to compete by revealing Adelicia's failed raid attempt, Itsuki releases his Glamsight, and forces Lapis to flee. Later that evening, the Astral mansion is attacked by Lapis, and Nekoyashiki barely manages to ward off the initial attack. Honami flies from the mansion to confront Tholoide, but after he reveals that he is an automaton, he incapacitates her.

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