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"Faith Initiation Rites"
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Episode Summary: In a flashback, Honami recalls how she attended a wizarding school in Britain, and was widely considered a failure. Despite the criticism, she was fully committed to learning Celtic magic. Adelicia, also at the school, quickly gained the reputation of the brightest and strongest magician in the school. As their qualifying exam for the school, students were expected to survive in pairs in a site of magical pollution. Adelicia was paired with Honami, who refused to follow Adelicia's plan to destroy the source of the pollution and display her superiority. The two separate, but Honami saves Adelicia when she fails to destroy the source of the pollution, endangering the students present. With aid from Adelicia, Honami shows her skill with Celtic magic, and destroys the source. In the present, Adelicia is commenting on their schooling with Itsuki and Kuroha while reviewing old photos. Honami arrives and takes the two home, and when Itsuki asks her why she tried so hard at school, Honami thinks to herself it was because of Itsuki.

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