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"Demonic Rebellion"
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Episode Summary: A Goetia ceremony to summon the demon Asmodai fails due to the interference of a former member, Clive Roland, once a disciple of Adelicia's father. Adelicia goes missing as a result and Daphne visits Itsuki during one of his training sessions with Sekiren to find out where Adelicia is. That evening, Itsuki is attacked by Clive, who uses Adelicia's demons, but retreats after Adelicia arrives. Adelicia reveals that she returned to England to summon Asmodai, one of the four great demons that control the other demons of the Ars Goetia, but was interrupted by Clive, who intends to summon Asmodai. Itsuki and Adelicia arrive too late to stop Clive from summoning Asmodai, but Asmodai kills Clive and begins attacking Itsuki and Adelicia. Itsuki is able to use Sekiren's Xingyiquan to defend against Asmodai while Adelicia sacrifices her "future" to gain control over the demon. Afterwards, Adelicia tells Itsuki that sacrificing her "future" meant devoting the rest of her life to magic.

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