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"The Bond of Solomon"
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Episode Summary: Daphne begins searching for Clive in order to find Adelicia, meeting Gara, Goetia's secretary, in the city. Gara is not aware of Clive's location, but after he leaves, Sekiren appears, and Daphne attacks him. Sekiren explains he wishes to help Daphne with her search, and after witnessing Daphne's abilities, questions why she lowered herself to being Adelicia's servant. Daphne replies that she is content to be Adelicia's servant, although she is embarrassed when Sekiren declares his love for her. The two eventually find Clive dead, and confront Gara over killing him. Gara uses forbidden techniques to fuse with a demon, causing Sekiren to realize that he is part of Ophion, an organization of mages that do not follow magical taboos. Sekiren defeats Gara and forces him to retreat. Afterwards, he tells Daphne of his association with Oswald Mathers, notes Daphne is Adelicia's sister, giving up her former blond hair and green eyes to do so, and falls asleep in the grass while proclaiming his love to her again.

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