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Episode Summary: The members of Astral go to the tower, and are confronted by the dragon. Sekiren, Mikan, and Kuroha begin to battle it, and the others continue into the tower. Nekoyashiki arrives first, but is stopped by Fin's and Honami's combined efforts. Adelicia enters the battle and summons Asmodai, her most powerful demon, and Honami responds with one of her most powerful spells. Nekoyashiki stops the confrontation to prevent the area from being destroyed from the accumulation of energy. Itsuki awakens, revealing his Glamsight and admitting to Honami that he does not blame her for their childhood incident with the dragon. Itsuki and Fin battle, and as Fin conjures an unblockable attack, Honami betrays him, declaring her love for Itsuki. The Association members, headed by Kagezaki, begin to arrive on the scene, and Fin retreats. Due to Fin's betrayal of the Association and a lack of evidence against Astral, the Association acquits Astral of any wrongdoing. Afterwards, Itsuki and Honami go to see the dragon before it is sealed, and upon its request, Itsuki names it "Astral."

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