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"White and Black Dress"
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Episode Summary: Adelicia is forced by the Association to either appoint a new head of Goetia or get married to legitimize her claim. To resolve this, she offers a marriage proposal to Honami. She explains to a bewildered Itsuki that they will only be married as mages, which does not have the same weight as an actual marriage. With aid from Diana, Adelicia and Honami pick out the clothing and jewelry for their wedding while a disgruntled Itsuki accompanies them. At the marriage ceremony, Daphne administers the rites, but before the final stages are concluded, Itsuki takes both Adelicia and Honami and leaves the church. He explains to both of them that he realized that both did not have their hearts in the ceremony, and were doing it against their wishes. Adelicia subsequently contacts the Association to inform them that the marriage is canceled, and she and Honami throw their rings into the river, which Itsuki is later forced to retrieve.

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